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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by! I'm J-Jo and I cosplay. Pretty much sums up the whole blog with that line. I'm mainly a crossplayer and am still on the newish side of cosplay at least in my opinion so I'm still learning. Please feel free to message me for anything you might be curious about or leave any opinions you have about my work or this blog. Basically just do whatever you want.

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In regards to the Closet Cosplay Challenge

I’ve got three more but I’m calling it a night. I’ll try to do those three, and any others I get, tomorrow. For today though… I’m so tired of redoing my make up over and over. XD Most annoying part and you can barely tell in photos anyway. 9_9; Thank you everyone who sent in challenges! It was a lot of fun!

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Person on DA asks for me to take a photo of myself in Kail pretending to be dead for their series about cosplayers being killed. Lie and say the costume’s in disrepair because something feels off and offer instead more manly cosplay. They ask for Rikku. Tell the truth and say that one is in disrepair. Suggest other manly cosplays of mine. They ask if I’ve got anything revealing stomach. Tell them no but offer to ask friends, saying since they first asked for Prince Kail they want a crossplayer or male cosplayer yes? They tell me: “Actually female cosplayers but you just happen to generally cosplay male characters “

My response: “Yup pretty much exclusively dudes because they tend to be the more interesting ones to me. Also it cuts back a lot on the number of perverts and creeps. It’s shocking really the difference. I never got creeped on or harassed ever in my entire life but the first time I went to a con wearing a skirt I immediately got a creep and of course when I did the Rikku costume my friends had to practically play bodyguard. XP Cosplaying as dudes is so much more freeing since then people only approach me when they actually respect the craftsmanship of the costume or know and like the character.”

Calling people out on their bullshit in a subtle enough way that they can’t really say anything back is one of life’s greatest joys. Of course if I am wrong and they aren’t being a perv then I haven’t insulted them at all, I’m just making conversation and a little ramble-ly. But if they are approaching me just because they want pics of girls in revealing outfits pretending to be dead to fill some fetish of theirs then I hope they got every bit of that passive aggressive bitchslap.

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Anonymous asked: Wolfwood from Trigun??

Way ahead of you! XD

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goriko-zemi-13 asked: Okay, I'll try to stump you.... Either Kuranosuke Koibuchi or Banba, both from Princess Jellyfish. (Okay, Banba's costume is really easy but maybe the wig isn't... And Kuranosuke has pretty crazy fashions so maybe slightly stumping?)

Here you go! He does have a lot of outfits so just went with one I saw early on in google image search. XD

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markky-mark asked: Still doing the cosplay challenge thing? If so, do Tsukuyo. >:D (people tell me she's pretty hard to cosplay so sorry in advance? XD)

Luckily I have a lot of ‘close enough’ pieces and stuff I’ve already been collecting for the costume! (Kunai, the pipe, etc.) So to do this isn’t too hard for me, though I need a proper wiiiiiig! My Kail wig is too short. XP

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jaunevomitboyarc asked: So I am going to try and stump you with cosplay, douchebag looking ren Ren or hippy ren

My tie dye shirt is missing so I tried for douchebag. Unfortunately I only know the Hawaiian sub species of dudebro which is according to my friends is the board shorts and tank top. Usually accompanied by a skateboard. Sorry if it doesn’t match with your regional douchery. (Also no offense to Hawaiian guys who wear board shorts and  tank tops.)

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Anonymous asked: Could you try cosplaying Kainé from NieR or Zero from DOD 3?

Here’s Kainé from NieR… Or rather a very rough closet of it. ^^; Thankfully my Rain Jewelitt wig worked perfect for this! Also thank you, I’d seen pictures of Zero before but didn’t know what she was from so thank you for letting me know!

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goriko-zemi-13 asked: Gotta ask because I know you love him and I want to see more: Abuto from Gintama!

You guys and your asking for cosplays you already know I have. XD Here’s some Abuto for you.

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Anonymous asked: Here's an easy one, do Shinpachi from Gintama. :))

DONDAKEEE~?! XD I cosplay Shinpachi for real so very easy indeed. Exceeeept my glasses are currently missing >_>; so you get a legit photo instead of a ‘in my laundry room’ pic. XD

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lunariangypsy asked: Seto Kousuke

Don’t know anything about this character so I hope I managed to portray him at least a little!

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