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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by! I'm J-Jo and I cosplay. Pretty much sums up the whole blog with that line. I'm mainly a crossplayer and am still on the newish side of cosplay at least in my opinion so I'm still learning. Please feel free to message me for anything you might be curious about or leave any opinions you have about my work or this blog. Basically just do whatever you want.

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Yatsuhashi talking Japanese?

what is he saying?

I don’t know Japanese but instead Chinese but a lot of the characters cross over. The first two characters are literally the word for Japan. The third one is familiar but I can’t remember it, it’s not language though as funny as that would be. XD But yeah he’s saying ‘Japan _’ as far as I can tell and I could be totally wrong. It’s been 5 years since I last had to read Chinese characters. >_>;

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If you want to use cosplay pictures of me

1. Ask! Generally I’m totally cool with it but in some instances for legal reasons related to model-photographer issues I would have to say no depending on what you are using them for. Also sometimes I just don’t want you to upload my photos to that porn site. I’m special like that.


2. Credit! There’s a lot of sites you can link back to, tumblr, FB, DA, Cospix, etc. Or just say ‘J-Jo Cosplay’. If you can credit the photog to that’s important as well! If the photos are properly credited I don’t really mind them getting posted places! Except porn sites. Have I mentioned the porn sites?

In general, if you use images of me or any cosplayer to make revenue, as in you use it to make money by perhaps putting them on a body pillow or on cards which you sell, THAT’S ILLEGAL! You don’t own the property rights! Technically I don’t have them either. From what I understand they usually belong to the photographer who took the photo which is why photogs are super important to select carefully.

Also remember that depending on what you do with a cosplayer’s photo you could potentially harm them! If a cosplayer’s photo is on a porn site and somehow that is found by their workplace or family that can damage their reputation and career. In the worst case scenario it could even lead to them getting attacked by people thinking they are ‘asking for it’ because they are on a porn site. By putting photos out on the internet every cosplayer puts themselves at risk to some degree, don’t make it worse!

Thank you and have a wonderful evening!

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Got notified through my FB page that someone is using pictures of my cosplay as their profile/cover photos. I’m not sure how I feel about it. They don’t post claiming they are the cosplayer, they just have the photos with no caption or text crediting me or anything. (Though not being their friend I can’t see any of their posts so I don’t know what he is saying.) And before mine they used another cosplayers who is obviously a whole different race from me as their profile/cover photos so they seem to just be selecting random pretty cosplay photos. :I For now I asked them to take it down just to be safe. I looked into reporting it but Facebook’s options in this situation all come down to Facebook telling me to message the guy. Thanks Facebook. So helpful.

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Thank you to all the people who occasionally post in the Immortal Rain/Meteor Methuselah tag.

You keep this fandom alive. XD

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Seeking new models to work with at Anime USA~!

I’m offering free 30 minute photoshoot sessions at Anime USA. Send me a message on facebook or email me to schedule a shoot! (

Each shoot may contain 1-3 persons.
You will get a total of 5 fully edited images.
Digital high res copies of each image.

I have a backlog of images from previous events, many of them are free shoots. For a priority upgrade, you can help support me by paying for a session or tipping! This will include discounts on future shoots as well!

If you would like to schedule a shoot or to get more information, please send me a message! Slots are limited!

-All three images are examples of my work-

For any of my followers looking for a photog at AUSA! ZeronXepher is one of the photographers who took photos of my Tidus, when I was with the big FFX group! He’s great to work with and almost completely free so please do book with him!

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I totally missed Follow Friday OTL


Today I want to feature tommyish! Also known as Tommyish Cosplay and Photography. True to her name she excels immensely at both cosplay and photography, like seriously! In either regard I am always ecstatic to work with her! Lately we have only been working together as photog and model and you can see some of her stunning photographer skills in the Tidus shots I’ve been uploading recently. Her editing of the models and use of lighting effects has always just blown me away and made me melt when I get in photos from her!

Of course as great as her photographer skills are they are matched if not surpassed by her skill as a cosplayer! Armor, props, clothes, wigs. She has a great balanced level of excellence in all categories! Here are some samples to show you what I mean!

You should totally follow her blog and really if you get a chance to work with her either as a cosplayer or photographer totally take it because she’s just so freakishly talented in everything she does! XD Not to mention personality wise Tommyish is just a delight full of positive energy and willing to try out all kinds of things to get that right shot! Whether that means getting into the pool with you or pretending to fall on the stairs!

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"Our meeting like this must be the blessing of Yevon"

yuna: fb | tumblr

tidus: fb | tumblr

photographer: fb | tumblr

More shots from tommyish with twittley as my Yuna!

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