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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by! I'm J-Jo and I cosplay. Pretty much sums up the whole blog with that line. I'm mainly a crossplayer and am still on the newish side of cosplay at least in my opinion so I'm still learning. Please feel free to message me for anything you might be curious about or leave any opinions you have about my work or this blog. Basically just do whatever you want.

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Anonymous asked: Awhhh, you're too kind. The person who you gave the shinsengumi hoodie must have been really happy when she received it.

Yup! She loved it! XD It was a great way to say thank you to her for introducing me to such a wonderful series! Plus she’s a great long time friend of mine so being able to make her happy made me happy!

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Anonymous asked: Do you also have the Shinsengumi version of the hoodie?

Nope. When I first got my Gin hoodie I got that one as well but gave it to the first that got me into Gintama and is a huuuuge Okita fan so thought it was perfect for her with the Okita sleep mask on the hood! XD

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Anonymous asked: Awesome Gintama hoodie you got there! A+++ Ice Bucket Challenge!

Isn’t it?! It’s my favorite summer jacket. I have a long sleeved version for the fall and winter. XD And thank you so much!

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"Petition to get professor Ozpin to approve of an academy wide flash mob of the timewarp."

I can get behind this…

"It’s not like it’s that hard. I mean it’s basically just a jump to the left!"

And then a step to the right…

Put your hands on your hips.

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Since queen-valkyrie challenged me here you all go, my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Just finished filming the ALS Challenge, video editing means it probably won’t be out for a few days though, but I got it in the 24 hours!

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Just got challenged to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Got till 8:00 pm Tuesday to film something…

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Is anyone in the hampton roads area intereested in doing a RWBY photo shoot?


I don’t know when (or if I would be able to even afford to put it on) But I do have an idea for a location. I kinda just wana see how many people are interested in doing this…

anyway, Message me if interested!

As a 7 Cities local myself I would definitely be and know quite a few other locals who might be depending on time and place!

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AX 2014 I cosplayed Glynda Goodwitch from RWBY

So many things went wrong with this cosplay…but hey, at least the cape came out gorgeous.

If you want the template for Glynda’s symbol, click here. If anyone has questions on how to make the cape, feel free to message. I’m more than happy to help! This thing was a beasty to make from scratch…

I’m the Ozpin in the third photo! You were such a great Glynda! Actually after you left the shoot they called for Ozpin and Glynda to come up and so the other Ozpin and I were up there as everyone realized you were gone so instead we did some Ozpin-cest shots. XD

Hahaha omg hey! Lol you were an awesome Ozpin yourself. Awww now I kinda regret not getting an Ozpin harem shot…duty called at artist alley and I couldn’t let my friend man the table all day.

Understandable, and thank you! Super glad to be able to meet you even if it was for just a short time!

You’re welcome, and same here! Also, if you have those Ozpin-cest shots, can you link them to me? I’m kinda curious about the pictures…

XD I haven’t seen any. But it was just me down on one knee kissing the other Ozpin’s hand.

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