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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by! I'm J-Jo and I cosplay. Pretty much sums up the whole blog with that line. I'm mainly a crossplayer and am still on the newish side of cosplay at least in my opinion so I'm still learning. Please feel free to message me for anything you might be curious about or leave any opinions you have about my work or this blog. Basically just do whatever you want.

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Some shots from my America costume. This costume has seen a lot! I really only did America because after a summer and a con in Taiwan where I saw the only other cosplaying caucasian as Captain America I wanted to go to an abroad convention as the American America cosplayer! XD The next place I studied abroad was Korea which has banned Hetalia, so didn’t quite work out. But in Hawaii I was able to shoot on a Marine base with real military planes and weapons, it was pretty amazing! And of course we filmed the CMV I thought of, Ties that Bind and it appeared in a Gangnam style parody too! XD This costume has continued to be a favorite among my fans and my friends.

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    Some shots from my America costume. This costume has seen a lot! I really only did America because after a summer and a...
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