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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by! I'm J-Jo and I cosplay. Pretty much sums up the whole blog with that line. I'm mainly a crossplayer and am still on the newish side of cosplay at least in my opinion so I'm still learning. Please feel free to message me for anything you might be curious about or leave any opinions you have about my work or this blog. Basically just do whatever you want.

Upcoming Cons:

Curving Bias Tape.

Bias tape is designed/cut so that it can achieve curves. Yes, it is in a straight line, but here’s a quick guide on how to get it into smooth curves.

The first picture I just pinned it into shape, you can see all the ripples and awkwardness in the gold. It’s okay, those will disappear soon.

Iron, carefully, your bias tape In the second picture I’ve ironed it mostly out and you can see a distinct different. The third picture I’ve removed all the pins and you can see it still retains it’s curved shape. FYI though, the sharper curves I did have to do a bit of folding in the bias, but the outer curves of the wave is all just careful ironing.

Now just sew it on and presto!

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